Jade Bamboo Chinese Restaurant - Customer

Not resolved

I was a faithful customer of this restaurant for 6 years.After some poor service and food, I stopped patronizing several months ago.

I actually wrote the Manager/Owner a letter regarding my displeasure but never got a response. Tonight, because it had been so good over the years I decided to give them another chance. BIG MISTAKE. My order arrived in a timely manner but I was missing an appetizer.

Chicken wings for the kids. I called back and was advised they realized the error and the wings were on the way. After 3 phone calls the wings arrived 50 minutes after my first call. Total time for the kids wings to get delivered was almost 2 hours.

The young man that I spoke to on the last call was clearly flustered and speaking to his boss John while I was on the phone as I could hear him in the background. As this issue was not the young mans fault I asked to speak to John. After a couple of minutes on hold, the young man told me John was not available. Unbelievable, huh?

Do you think this establishment has any concern for the customer? I tried to give them another chance but I am done for sure.

And we have not even tried the entree yet.

Review about: Chicken Wings.

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